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Beauty Wholesale are delighted to announce the arrival of the cosmeceutical skincare range from Anesi.  This next wave of skincare treatments will introduce your customers to cosmeceutical beauty care and the most advanced developments in the area of skin aging.  


Anesi offers facial skincare ranges to treat all skin problems including Hydration, Sensitivity and Oily/Acne.


Anesi Lab Institute Cosmeceutical range offers the ultimate in anti aging treatments which clinically improves the signs associated with aging.




'Reveal your true skin' with Anesi Skinview:


• 30 times magnification with the Sony camera and Samsung processor.


• Measure hydration, sebum, pores, pigmentation, wrinkles and skin sensitivity.


• Complete skin diagnosis in less than 10 minutes.


• Skinview recommends the best Anesi treatments and products based on the diagnosis.


• Promotes client loyalty by monitoring the skin’s progress throughout the prescribed treatments.





















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