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Depileve Cosmetics & Lotions

Designed for use before and after waxing, these high quality lotions improve the effectiveness of the wax and provide your client with the best results possible.

Depileve Dermobalance Lotion, 220 ml

Depileve VitalDerm pH Lotion, 200ml

Depileve Milk Cleanser, 500ml

Depileve PreBase Gel, 500ml

Depileve Soothing Cream 200ml

Depileve Oil Cleanser, 500ml

Depileve Gold Tea Tree Gel, 500ml

Pre-epilation lotion for extra film waxing.

Prepares the skin by removing excess creams, deodorant and make up for a perfect pull. Contains Menthol and Castor oil extracts to cool and refresh the skin.

Massage into skin after waxing to restore the PH balance of the skin, thus helping eliminate redness or irritation

This can be used as an after-wax cream on body areas, or as a soothing mask on facial areas. It reduces redness and evens skin tone on the most sensitive areas.  Apply in a thick layer and allow the skin to absorb.    Enriched with Camomile and Aloe Vera

This pre-wax gel cleans the skin of make-up, deodorants and body oil before waxing commences. The antiseptic and natural anaesthetic properties of ingredients such as Witch Hazel and Menthol leave the skin desensitised, diminishing the pain caused by waxing.

This gel can be used before or after waxing.  The natural antiseptic and anaesthetic properties of the Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel help to dilate the pores and soothe the skin

After Wax cream removes any wax residue and gently softens and moisturises the skin.  Enriched with Calendula and Oat extract.

This water soluble Azulene massage oil removes any traces of wax residue. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects calm freshly treated skin leaving it soft and protected.  Enriched with Wheat Germ

Depileve Dermobalance 220ml Tea Tree Gel Depileve Vitalderm 200ml Depileve PreBase 500ml Depileve Soothing Cream 200ml Depileve Oil Cleanser 350ml Depileve Milk Cleanser 500ml Depileve logo prewax oil


Depileve Pre-waxing Oil

Pre waxing oil formulated with apricot oil and chamomile that creates

a film barrier between the skin and the wax allowing for an effective hair removal whilst protecting the skin and making for a more comfortable waxing treatment. Can be used to moisturise the skin deeply to avoid dry skin while waxing. Apply a very small amount onto your hand and massage into the area to be waxed, then remove any excess oil residue with a paper tissue. For use before stripless waxing only