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Depileve Paraffin Cosmetics

A range of cosmetics designed to be used during the Paraffin treatments

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Depileve DermoSpray, 200ml

Depileve Dermo Peel, 200ml

Depileve Collagen/Elastin, 500ml

Depileve A.H.A. Handcream. 200ml or 75ml

An important step in any paraffin treatment, this cleans and refreshes hands and feet prior to the paraffin treatment. It's antiseptic ingredients remove all bacteria, allowing the paraffin to work at maximum efficiency.  Use before every treatment to help keep your paraffin clean and hygienic for longer

A mild exfoliant made of tiny Jojoba grains, this gel removes any old skin cells, preparing the skin for absorption of the Collagen Elastin Plus. This guarantees your client the best results from their Depileve Paraffin treatment.


Non-greasy luscious emulsion, enriched with collagen and elastin for deep moisturisation.  Keeps the skin soft and supple.  Apply before the paraffin dip to prepare the skin to receive the paraffin.

Collagen Elastin 500ml

The botanical alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) penetrate the skin to moisturise the deeper layers as well as stimulating tissue renewal through surface exfoliation. The perfect product for your client to maximise the effects of their paraffin treatment as home.  Available in 200ml or a handbag-sized 75ml.

Handcream 75ml Handcream 200ml Dermospray 200ml