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Depileve is the world’s number 1 in professional waxing systems available in 87 countries worldwide. It is a complete line of products – traditional, strip wax, film wax, hot wax and roll-on wax, wax heaters, wax strips, skin care products and accessories.

The Best Ingredients

Depileve products allow removing hair quickly, comfortably and carefully. Natural ingredients contained in waxes – rosin, colophony, wood rosin ensure smooth and efficient depilation, and special homecare products prolong the results of the procedure.


One of the best things about Depileve is the choice of techniques and products that are available for your treatment. Matching the skin type and sensitivity it provides the most effective and gentle hair removal.

Full waxing system

The Depileve Wax System allows you to choose products suiting different skin types, personal preferences and habits. Natural waxes are high in content of plant extracts, oils and components that prevent inflammation, irritation and ingrown hairs.

Wax is easily applied and gently removes hairs; it exhibits advantageous properties and homogenic texture, excellent detachable qualities and compatibility with lotions and refinishers applied before and after depilation.


Strip Waxing

Film waxing

Roller waxing

Choosing a wax

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Traditional Waxing

Choosing a waxing system

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