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Depileve Hair Growth Inhibitors

Designed for use as part of the after-care regime, and formulated to maximise the effects of your waxing treatments, these hair growth inhibitors allow your client to feel the benefits of their waxing for longer.  

Depileve Gold Concentrate, 3 Ampoules

Apply immediately after hair removal taking advantage of pore dilation.  The serum helps to weaken regrowth and leaves the skin fresh and soft.

Depileve Gold Concentrate, 20 Ampoules

Daily application of this serum following a hot shower or bath will ensure a significant thinning of the hair regrowth.  Sold in a pack of 3 ampoules, ideal for Retail to clients following their treatment

Depileve DepilMousse 200ml

Applied daily after a shower or bath, this light and gentle mousse will not only inhibit hair regrowth but also refreshes and revitalises skin.

Depileve logo Depileve Depilmousse 200ml Depileve Gold Concentrate 20x10ml Depileve Gold Concentrate 3x10ml