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Paraffin Kits and Heaters


*Professional Paraffin Warmer

*Pair each of towelling mittens and booties

*100 protector bags

*DermoSpray x 220ml

*Collagen-Elastin Plus x 200ml

*Para Clean x 220ml


In addition you get to choose a 2.7kg pack of any Paraffin you like.  Choose from Peach, Lavender or Tea Tree

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Depileve Universal Paraffin Kit

Depileve Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin Kit

Universal Paraffin Kit Facial Paraffin Kit


*Facial Paraffin Warmer with lid

*Disposable Headbands x 3

*Collar Rings x 50

*Wax Can Holders x 2

*Facial Gauzes x 50

*Facial Paraffin brush

*Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin x450g