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Depileve Paraffin

Depileve Lavender Paraffin, 2.7kg

Depileve Peach Paraffin, 2.7kg

Depileve Tea Tree Paraffin, 2.7kg

Depileve Milk & Honey Facial Paraffin, 450g

Depileve Cold Paraffin, 450g

Depileve Lavender 2.7kg

Anti-oxidant formula enriched with hemp and grapeseed oils.  This paraffin is rich in anti-oxidant agents which protect the skin from external  damage.  The lavender essential oil promotes relaxation and soothes the hands leaving a delicate scent.

A delicate peach scented paraffin enriched with Vitamin E and peach oil to replenish the skin and provide long lasting hydration.  Formulated with Avocado Oil and Monoi of Tahiti to improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Depileve Peach 2.7kg Depileve Tea Tree 2.7kg

Tea Tree Oil is well known for its antiseptic properties and protects the skin while leaving your clients feet refreshed.  In additon, the energizing and stimulating powers of Ginger and Thyme essential oils make this the ideal paraffin for foot treatments.  

Low melting point paraffin especially formulated for facial treatments.   Enriched with milk peptides and Vitamin E, this treatment offers the ultimate in luxury.The soft scents of the milk and honey will allow your client to relax and feel the maximum benefits of the treatment

Milk Honey Facial Paraffin Cold Paraffin

Some skin types are particularly sensitive to heat, so with these in mind, Depileve has produced the innovative alternative of Cold Paraffin. Used the same way, but without heat, clients with these skin types can also experience the benefits of a soothing paraffin treatment.

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Depileve Universal Paraffin Kit

Depileve Milk & Honey Facial Paraffin Kit


Professional Paraffin warmer,

Pair of towelling mittens, Pair of towelling Booties, 100 Protector Bags, 220ml Dermo Spray, 200ml Collagen/Elastin plus, 220ml Para Clean.


Your choice of Paraffin - Lavender, Peach or Tea Tree

Universal Kit


Facial Paraffin warmer with lid,

Disposable Headbands (3), Collar Rings (50),

Collagen/Elastin Plus 200ml, Wax Can Holder (2), Gauze Masks (50), Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin 450g, Facial Brush.

Facial Kit