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Waxing Accessories

Depileve EasyClean pic

Depileve Easy Clean 1 Litre

Depileve Collar Rings

Depileve Collar Rings 50

Use these collar rings around the top of your wax heater, to ensure wax does not drip into the heater.  This makes for easier cleaning and a longer life for your heater.


Depileve Wax Can Holders x 2

Dual purpose metal holder with a spatula bar, allows you to wipe excess wax from the spatula back into the tin as well as lift and change wax tins from the Depileve warmer. Sold 2 per pack

The highest quality in waxing accessories will ensure your client gets the best waxing treatment possible, ensuring they return again and again.

Citrus-scented wax equipment cleaner formulated to clean wax from all surfaces, including vinyl and plastic. A must have for any salon.

tn_DWGI0800 universal heater depileve_deluxe_wax_warmer

Depileve Wax Warmer 800g

Depileve 100g Universal Cartridge Warmer.

Depileve Heater Insert, 800g or 400g

Depileve Fuschia Connector, x 2

Depileves famous wax warmers, designed to fit all Depileve 800g tins, or to take an 800g insert for use with Traditional or bead waxes

Heats 2 universal cartridges at the same time.  Anatomically designed to adapt to the body's curves.  For use will all Depileve Universal cartridges

Designed to fit the Depileve Neo Wax Warmer, it allows you to use the warmer for traditional waxing or the application of paraffin treatments.  Available in 400g or 800g size to fit either size warmer

These hot-pink connectors allow you to make two Depileve warmers look like they are part of one professional unit.

Wax trolley flat base tray

Depileve Waxing Trolley

Depileve Flat Base Tray

With four drawers and six shelves, this trolley is capable of storing all your waxing supplies in one neat area. Wheels allows for easy mobility.

Put this tray on the top or your Depileve Trolley to maximise space and fit two Depileve warmers on the flat surface at any one time..

Fuschia connectors Depileve logo Wax Can Holder silver 800gr starter kit

Depileve 800g Starter Kit

Depileve 800g Wax Heater

Depileve Natural Pine wax 800g

Depileve Pre-Base 200ml

Depileve Milk Cleanser 200ml

Depileve Easy Clean 220ml

Collar Rings x 10

Body Strips x 50

Facial Strips x 50

Body Spatulas x 50

Facial Spatulas x 50


Depileve universal starter kit

Depileve Universal 100g Cartridge Starter Kit

Depileve 100g Universal cartidge Heater

Depileve Pre-Base 200ml

Depileve Milk Cleanser 200ml

Depileve Oil Cleanser 200ml

Depileve Soothing Cream 200ml

Depileve VitalDerm pH Cream220ml

Depileve Chai Tea Cartridges x 3

Depileve Natural Pine cartridges x 3

Depileve Rooibos Cartridges x 3

Depileve Gold Concentrate x 3 amps

Depileve Easy Clean 220ml